Kota Grill Cabins

Kota Grill Cabins

The Kota Grilling Cabin is a hexagonal wooden hut that features a wood-fired Kota Grill and chimney in the centre, surrounded by benches and tables. Also known as a 'grillikota' this type of traditional structure originated in the arctic north of Finland. Stay cosy in all kinds of weather.  Shop now



We offer a wide selection of European-made cabins and structures. Each BBQ hut is made-to-order letting you to customize your cabin according to your needs.

Classic Kota Grill Hut: 


Kota Grill Cabin



snow covered Kota Grill Hut

Available in sizes ranging from 99 sq. ft to 270 sq. ft. Also available with a sauna extension. 

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Grill Pavillion


Kota Grill Pavillion

The Grill Pavillion is more of a gazebo style with higher walls and windows that open. 

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We also carry a complete line of other wooden structures designed to enhance your backyard, cottage, resort or camp ground.

Download a PDF catalogue  of all of our available wooden structures, including Saunas, Camping PODS, Grill Huts and more.  


Inside a Kota Grill hut


Kota Grill hut painted white


DIY Kota Hut or Gazebo

If you are handy and see yourself building your own Kota Grilling Cabin or Gazebo Grill, please talk to us. We can give you information such as appropriate dimensions and the requirements for a base with air intake pipes. If you have an existing gazebo, you can easily convert it to allow for a Kota Grill in the center. You only need to cut a space in the roof large enough to fit our 30cm chimney leaving a 2” space around the pipe hole for fire safety.  Add some benches or chairs and you now have a Gazebo Grill you can use all year round! Contact us to discuss your design ideas.


Always consult our safety manuals.  An open flame inside an enclosed wooden structure requires several important precautions: always have an up-to-date fire extinguisher with you, make sure you have a functioning carbon-monoxide sensor in the hut at all times, never leave a fire unattended and regularly empty the ash container before use. Finally, do not install a Kota Grill with chimney inside a structure attached to your home. Ask your insurance company how far the hut or gazebo should be from the main dwelling (often 50 ft).


Municipal Regulations:

Before moving forward with the purchase of a Kota Grilling Hut, please consult with your local fire authorities and insurance company. In most municipalities a structure less than 100 sq feet does not require a building permit and is in theory a grey area. Nevertheless, please consider the by-laws in your municipality. All of our structures are under 100 sq feet but we do have larger models, ideal for campgrounds, hotels and resorts and fishing lodges. Please feel free to speak with us about any questions you may have.