How Our Kotagrills Adventure Began

Some things are meant to happen. My first experience of a Kotagrill was while on business at a hotel in the small rural town of Rastede in northern Germany.  It was November, 2015.


After an intense day of work, and after dinner I went to the patio outside my hotel where I could relax and enjoy the local Jever Pilsner in peace.

There before me was what looked like a little hobbit hut;  light from a flame flickering through a small window in the door. 

A sign in the window had the welcome message: ‘Rauchen ist gestattet’ -- (Smoking is Permitted !)
Undeterred, I went in and to my delight, inside the hut was crackling wood fire topped by a hood and chimney and surrounded by wooden tables and benches!  With the sweet smell of smoke and the firelight’s glow warming the cozy space, it was pure magic and I was instantly in my kind of heaven
There is a Danish word ‘hygge’ that translates into coziness, conviviality and well-being’. My first Kotagrill Hut experience was exactly that -- ‘hygge’ -- but in overdrive! In that instant, I knew I wanted my own Kotagrill Hut back home.

I was born and raised in Canada and I actually enjoy winter!  Here was an ideal back yard solution to those cold and long winter nights.  I searched around the hut for a brand name and found the logo of Polar Metalli on the grill base!  

polar metalli
With phone in hand,  I ‘Googled’ the name, learned that the company was located in Finland and immediately emailed to find out the availability of a Kotagrill Hut in Canada. That email was the trigger that started this wonderful Kota Grills adventure we find ourselves on today. But this is just the beginning of our story…
Jever pils
Jever Pils, in the firelight's glow! 

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